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Training and development are activities inside a firm that are designed to improve ones’ knowledge and abilities while also giving information and guidance on how to better execute certain tasks.

lueboxx is a unique training and development platform that will help you as well as allow you to assist people, to build and improve your required skillset according to your area of interest. Our main objective is to help the students explore new opportunities and talents. We help and support students in understanding and realizing their innate potential, talents, and abilities, as well as enhancing their self-belief, confidence, and esteem. Through career assessment and awareness as per their programs, we make them realize and create a clear route that would lead them to success as well as a satisfying career and life. With their career choices, we mould individuals, mainly youngsters, to become experts in their countless vocations by increasing, augmenting, and growing futuristic technical as well as life skills.

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  • Diploma In Creative Graphic Design(D.C.G.D)
  • Diploma In 2D Animation(D.2D.A)
  • Diploma In Media & Advertisement (D.M.A)
  • Diploma In Website Design & Development
  • Certificate In Basic Computer
  • Certificate In CCC
  • Diploma In Video Editing/Production & VFX (D.V.P) & (D.VFX)
  • Diploma In 3D Animation(D.3D.A)
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application
  • Advance Certificate in Digital Marketing
  • Certificate in Search Engine Optimization
  • Certificate in Content Marketing
  • Certificate in Affiliate Marketing
  • Certificate in E-Commerce
  • Certificate in Web Analytics
  • Certificate Email Marketing

 Adobe Photoshop
 Adobe Illustrator
 Corel Draw
 Adobe InDesign

✓ Sketching
✓ Fundamentals Of Animation
✓ Pipeline Of Production
✓ Storyboarding
✓ Adobe Flash
Whiteboard Animation

✓ Concept of Media & Visualization
✓ Mass Communication
Marketing & Advertising Techniques
✓ Print & Publishing Media
✓ Video Marketing Strategies

✓ Adobe Photoshop
✓ HTML 5 & CSS
✓ JavaScript & J Query
✓ Layout Designing
✓ Domain Reg. & Hosting & Publishing
✓ Concept of Web Development
✓ PHP, WordPress Websites

✓ Computer Fundamentals
✓ Hardware Concepts
Operating System
Microsoft Office
MS. Word
✓ MS. Excel
✓ MS Power Point
✓ Internet Explorer

✓ Computer Fundamentals
✓ Hardware Concepts
✓ Operating System
✓ Microsoft Office
✓ MS. Word
✓ MS. Excel
✓ MS. Power Point
✓ Internet Explorer

✓ Concept of  Video Production & Editing
✓ Film Direction Concepts
✓ Video Editing
✓ Compositing
✓ Elements of Sync. , Video Mashup , Documentary , Ads Making.
✓ Concept of Audio Editing & Production
✓ Adobe Premiere Pro
✓ Adobe After Effects
✓ Nuke
✓ Video Scribe

✓ Fundamentals of 3D Animation
✓ 3D Modeling
✓ Sculpting
✓ Texturing
✓ Rigging
✓ Lighting
✓ Rendering
✓ 3D Production Process
✓ Dynamics
 3DS Max
✓  Maya
✓  ZBrush

✓ Basic
✓ Tally
✓ Web Designing
✓ C & C++ Programming
✓ Visual Basic & Oracle

Course Duration: 4 Months


Course Duration: 4 Months


Course Duration: 4 Months


Course Duration: 4 Months


Course Duration: 4 Months


Course Duration: 4 Months


Course Duration: 4 Months


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